Sector Expertise

The Boudica Developments team has over four decades' combined experience in real estate development and advisory work ranging from site finding, financial modelling, construction and project management. We are focussed within the UK property market and have particular specialisms in the UK residential, commercial and retail markets.

We offer concise and proactive advice. We see ourselves as stewards of our client's capital. We provide detailed contextual analysis for the development opportunity to ensure that the client understands the economic context of their land asset from both wider regional and local micro-market perspectives. We work with leading real estate advisory companies from the relevant sector to provide competitive supply chain analysis and full financial appraisals.

We have extensive experience in guiding new land owners into the market through the nuances and peculiarities of UK property and how to position new developments to ensure that they are attractive to the occupiers and eventual investment sale.

Further detail on our individual specialisms is available in Sector Specific drop down menu.