Mousehold Lane Development

Mousehold Lane Development

Boudica Developments would like to welcome you to view the evolving proposals for the site at 28 Mousehold Lane.
A planning application is being prepared for a 79 bed care home and 42 supported living units.

Planning Context

The application site was previously home to the Startrite Shoe Factory.
This closed in 2004 and the 2.15 acre site has remained vacant since that time.
The site therefore "brownfield" and has been allocated for residential development in the Norwich City Local Plan.

The Care Home

The care home would compromise a 79-bed residential and nursing home for the elderly fronting on to Mousehold Lane.
Norfolk County Council Social Services have confirmed that this location is an area of potential demand and the plans, to include nursing and dementia care beds are particularly welcome and an area of priority development that is supported.
The care home would be operated by Magnum Care, who have won over 18 care homes on a nationwide basis.

Supported Living Units

42 Supported living units would be provided in the southern half of the site. These would provide accommodation for adults with a long term care requirement with learning difficulties.
The National Care Group (NCG) is a leading provider of care and support services to vulnerable adults through the United Kingdom. They work closely with the people they support, their family members, local authorities and care providers to provide high quality, person-centered support to an ever-increasing number of people across the country.

The National Care Group operate the supported living units for adults with long term care needs.

They have extensive experience in this specialist area with additional homes within Norfolk at Attleborough and Great Yarmouth.

They have worked closely with Norfolk County Council to develop this show piece facility to support the needs of local persons requiring this type of care.

Design and Layout

The scheme has been designed with modern construction in mind, but also to be sympathetic to the surrounding areas, as we are conscious the new development will be overlooked by some of the residents of Templemere. Therefore:

  1.  The heigher of the blocks are kept to the east side adjacent to the high bank and not built up to the boundary on the west side adjacent to Templemere.
  2. The finishes on the buildings will be designed using different materials so the effect will be of smaller units rather than large buildings - photographs on previously built units are on display for your review.
  3. Landscaping and the use of trees will be incorporated to further create a natural feature around the proposed scheme.
  4.  We also propose the enhancing of the current perimeter fence to the south and up by the Rishi to repair and mend the existing fencing, but to also still provide privacy to the adjacent neighbours.
  5.   A full range of the plans and proposed images are on view and available for inspection.


The site is located in a Critical Drainage Area within the Norwich City Local Plan and we are aware of some previous surface water flooding within the site.
The planning application will include a Surfact Water Management Assessment.
We have carried out drainage tests for the site and it is clear we will need to implement a strategy to improve the current flooding on the site. We have had discussions with the Resident's Association and it is clear the proposed solutions will have a beneficial effect on the current flooding issues, especially to the bottom of the site.

Therefore it is proposed;

  1.   The care home will use natural drainage into the soil to disperse the surface water on the care home site. Likewise the foul waste will be connected to the main sewer on Mousehold Lane.
  2.   The supported living surface water will be connected into the main drain, so the existing flood water will be taken away from the site usinf existing connections. These will be able to cope with the current issues experienced on the site, the proposed development and so improve the drainage. The foul waste will also be connected to the main foul sewer.

Ecology and Landscaping

The existing belt of green infrastructure and landscaping along the southwest and southeast boundaries will be retained.

Garden spaces have been positioned to adjoin these areas and new planting will be undertaken to enhance these areas, taking on board recommendations from the ecology appraisal of the site.

Your Views

Once you have had the opportunity to view the exhibition boards, members of the project team will be pleased to help answer any further questions you might have.

We would then be very grateful if you would take a moment to fill in one of the comment box provided. Alternatively, you may take the form away to fill in. Return details are on the form.

Next Steps

The project team will review all the feedback received and take this into consideration in preparing the drawings for the planning application submission.

It is anticipated that a planning application could be submitted later this month. There will then be the opportunity to make further comments on the scheme to Norwich City Council as part of their planning application consultation process.

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